OECI Standards

Standards describe the demands the quality system has to meet and what has to be arranged. The OECI accreditation programme is based upon the OECI standards for high qualitative cancer care. The standards are validated through the pilot projects. They are translated in two questionnaires, a qualitative and a quantitative, to assess the current quality in a cancer centre. Both are integrated in an electronic tool (E-tool) for self-assessment.
The OECI Accreditation and Designation Group has developed a qualitative and quantitative questionnaire that contains quality standards for the organisation of cancer care.
The standards are developed by experts in cancer care. They are based on existing quality standards and validated through two pilot projects between 2006 and 2008. Eight (cancer) institutes were involved in the two pilots:
  • French manual on accreditation (FNCLCC)
  • Dutch Institute of Accreditation of Care (NIAZ)
  • Dutch framework for quality of the organization of cancer care (VIKC)
  • Accreditation Canada (AC)
An overview of the content of the questionnaires click here.

Pilot projects

There have been two rounds of pilot projects in eight different cancer centres between 2006 till 2008. In the first round four cancer centres used a tool for self-assessment. In the second round four other cancer centres were involved to use the improved self-assessment tool and a team of auditors visited three of the centres for an assessment (peer review) on site. The pilot projects resulted in improvement and development of the accreditation programme, the electronic self-assessment tool, and validation of the quality standards.
Centres involved in the second pilot were:
  • University Hospital VU, Brussels
  • Centre G.F. LeClerc, Dijon
  • Instituto Tumori, Bari
  • National Institute of Oncology, Budapest