Composition of an audit team

In an ideal situation the audit team typically consists of:
  • A chair who is a director of a cancer institute
  • 3 Auditors with different positions/ functions in different fields of oncology, like: medical oncology, care, research, pathology, quality assurance
  • At least one auditor should understands the language of the country where the cancer institute is located but who is not a resident of that country
  • A mix of experienced and less experienced auditors. Every team has at least two experienced auditors
  • Every team consists of at least one physician, and preferably one nurse
  • If the visit takes place in an institute that is preliminary designated as a CCC, the chair of the audit team is employed in a CCC
An OECI A&D Coordinator will also be present during the peer review visit to coordinate the peer review activities.

Selecting an audit team

The A&D Manager, and A&D Coordinator, are responsible for selecting the chair and auditors of an audit team. The teams are presented to the A&D Board. Before the audit team members get access to the self-assessment information of the cancer institute:
  • The particular cancer institute has expressed that there is no conflict of interest with any of the audit team members
  • Each auditor have signed a Confidentiality Agreement and a Conflict of Interest