Designation Types

OECI distinguishes two types of designation. Both types require a high degree of multidisciplinarity and high-quality cancer care, and aredistinguished by only the degree of research capacity and capabilities at the cancer centre. The two types are:
  • OECI Cancer Centre (CC)
  • OECI Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC) 
All OECI accredited cancer centres are required to have:
  • An identifyable organisational entity with a clear governance;
  • A direct provision of an extensive variety range of high-quality cancer diagnostics and care tailored to the individual patient's needs.
  • A culture of learning and improving the professional and organisational quality of care.

In addition, OECI Comprehensive Cancer Centres are required to demonstrate:
  • High level of infrastructure, expertise and innovation in cancer research, especially in translational and clinical research, but also in many cases including basic science.
  • Either strong University and Research Institute links, or a University partnership as part of the Comprehensive Cancer Centre;
  • Extensive international networking.