Designation Types

Definitions of the designation categories are:
  • OECI Cancer Centre (CC) is characterised by the clinical capacity covering a sufficient degree of all medical, surgical and radiotherapy services and a limited degree of clinical research.
  • OECI Comprehensive Cancer Centre (CCC) is probably the hardest category to define as many different interpretations of a CCC already exist. Based on available information and many definitions on the concept of a CCC, the following features are considered to be essential for this particular category:
    • A highly innovative character and multidisciplinary approach using the potential of basic, translational and clinical research and clinical facilities and activities, organised in a sufficiently identifiable entity,
    • A direct provision of an extensive variety of cancer care tailored to the individual patient's needs and directed towards learning and improving the professional, organisational and relational quality of care,
    • Broad activities in the area of prevention, education, and external dissemination of knowledge and innovation. In order to accentuate the differences with other cancer centres, a CCC separates itself by the following points:
      • High level of infrastructure, expertise and innovation in the field of oncology research,
      • Maintenance of an extensive network including all aspects of oncology treatment and research,
      • Related to an academic/university centre or is an academic centre.