General conditions


Application criteria

The OECI agreed on some application criteria for centres who want to participate. These criteria will contribute to a successful programme for the centres applied.
  • OECI membership is required,
  • Strong commitment to quality improvement (signature of Director/ Board of Directors),
  • Dedicated staff (contact person, project group, all involved employees),
  • Stable management structure (no interim management),
  • No major changes/problems (expected management change, merger, housing movements, financial crisis),
  • Following the steps of the A&D programme with care and within the required timeline,
  • Involvement in oncology research and education programmes.
  • Cancer care performed on an identifiable unit with an identifiable budget, management and organisational structure;
  • The centre has a preliminary designation as: OECI Cancer Centre or OECI Comprehensive Cancer Centre,
  • There is an agreement on the designation type between the OECI A&D board and the cancer centre.

For more information on how to become an OECI full or associate member, contact: 
OECI Liaison Office -