OECI Liaison Office


Together with the OECI Central Office, the Liaison Office is the main provider of services to support the whole OECI activities.

The Liaison Office provides a supply chain of services for design and manage the OECI participation to International (mainly European) activities, including research networks and training programs, with particular reference to the Framework Research Programs of the European Commission and the European Directorate for Health and Consumer Protection initiatives.
The Liaison Office guarantees the daily management activity of the OECI and the organisation of the main OECI events, such as the Oncology Days.
A practical support is given to all the Working Groups in order to guarantee the needed interaction with the OECI Presidency and the Board.
Concerning the A&D Programme, the Liaison Office interacts with the A&D Chair, and A&D Coordination Team, to manage the preparation and signature of the A&D agreements, to invoice the Members participating to the A&D Programme, to support the practical organisation of the site visits, to realise the A&D certificates. It also edits and publishes dissemination and information materials both on paper and digital (books, pamphlets, posters, newsletters, etc.), and contributes to the opening of the A&D Programme to other interested Parties.