User manual of A&D Programme

The key word in the A&D Programme is: comprehensiveness of both professional infrastructure and performance. The philosophy behind comprehensiveness is:
"If all relevant competences, skills, resources and tools concerning cancer care and research are brought together and integrated, it will lead to an outcome that is larger, on the whole, than the sum of its parts". Comprehensiveness, in that sense, can be seen as the new basic principle on how cancer activities institutionally should be organised. For the complete User Manual including the OECI standards, see document below.

Modification on the User Manual:

  1. Non-members can apply to the OECI A&D Programme as soon as they have sent an application form to become Members. The A&D procedure may start, but in case the candidacy is not approved by the General Assembly the process is ended.
  2. The definitions of some items are improved. You will find the correct definitions on our page standards and in the OECI e-tool. Improved definitions are quantitative questionnaire 1.5 and 2.1.2.


For more information on how to become an OECI full or associate member, contact:
OECI Liaison Office -

For more detailed information to demonstrate the interest to enter the A&D Programme, contact: Harriët Blaauwgeers, OECI Accreditation and Designation Coordinator -

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