Requested Documents

A participating (cancer) institute is required to fill out both questionnaires as part of the self assessment. The Qualitative questionnaire is a translation of the OECI standards into questions. Participating centres are requested to score and add documents to the questionnaire. These documents aim to support the answer given on each specific question. The OECI calls them 'proof' documents.
Besides attaching proof documents to specific questions the OECI requires a minimum list of documents to be provided by a (cancer) institute during the self-assessment period. These documents are to be added into the third questionnaire: Requested Documents. These documents shall be delivered in English (a summary in English).
In the following table you find the list of required documents:
  1. Peer review objectives of centre
  2. Explanation of the countries Health Care system
  3. Geographic and demographic location of the centre
  4. Organizational structure of the centre
  5. List with names of key staff members (heads of departments/services/units/programmes)
  6. Strategic plan of the centre (mission statement and vision)
  7. Strategy plan for oncology
  8. Annual report (general policy plan of the centre (if the centre is within a general hospital also a separate general policy plan besides oncology policy plan) and quality improvement plan as a result of the annual report)
  9. Policy descriptions of risk management, safety management and patient safety management
  10. Quality performance indicators (indicators sets and related to cancer care last year available)
  11. Quality management policy plan of internal quality improvement developments / maintenance
  12. Reports from other (external) accreditations/audits/visits
  13. Multidisciplinary team (overview and some examples of MDT procedures)
  14. Oncology research policy plan
  15. List with current oncology research projects (basic and clinical research projects / translational projects)
  16. Scientific report of the centre (research activities)
  17. List of publications last 3 years (Biomedical output/ publications)
  18. Clinical/patient pathway or other process description for patients with cancer
  19. Results of patient satisfaction reports
  20. Patient information brochures (e.g. information of admission, treatments, patients rights)