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Strategic relevance & contribution to the programme 

The number of new cancer patients is steadily increasing but differences in EU health systems performance show room for improvement, contributing to a larger degree of disease & symptom free survival after primary treatment & prolonged symptom free metastatic disease.

Improving the oncologic care infrastructure towards state of the art comprehensive care provision, will contribute to patients' wellbeing & economic productivity, as well as economic spin-offs in biotech. It looks to possible added value by attention to how the tool might be used across clinical specialisms as co-morbidity rises in ageing populations.

BENCH-CAN contributes to objective 2 of the Health Programme of the European Union "Promote health", including the reduction of health inequalities & contributes to implementation of priority 3.2.4 "prevention of major and rare diseases". It also addresses the basic principles of 'Together for Health'; complements EPAAC WPs (healthcare and cancer data & information); and wi l l inform Pillar B (Care and cure) of the Strategic Implementation Plan of the European Innovation Platform for Active and Healthy Ageing.

Expected outcomes 

Expected outcomes are linked to 6 specific objectives. 
These are:
Standards and benchmarking (Objectives1-2): mapping exercise of existing standards; scanning exercise in pilot sites exploring internal/external factors influencing benchmarking & quality improvement; review of draft tool by partners before piloting.

Piloting (Object 1): internal review group per pilot site; external panel visits each site to peer review BM exercise with report presented to internal review group; each site identifies areas for improvement with action plans adopted; identified best practice examples & management processes assessed before inclusion in online database.

Maximizing knowledge exchange(Objective 4): knowledge generated by the project (i) informs local action to improve interdisciplinary treatment of patients (ii) is cascaded across the EU and accounts for local sensitivities; 1 conference workshop & 3 keynote presentations.

Compatibility (Objective 5): briefing paper of BENCH-CAN & other CCC resources.

Sustainability (Objective 6): peer reviewed benchmark manual; best practice examples publicly available.