Organisation of European Cancer Institutes
Established in 1977 to promote greater cooperation among European cancer centres and institutes in the field of cancer collaborative research, the “Organisation of European Cancer Institutes” held its first General Assembly in 1980.
Its founders designed a structure aimed at promoting efficient partnership across Europe, notwithstanding its linguistic barriers and traditional research heterogeneity. In 2005 the Organization was remodeled into OECI-EEIG “Organization of European Cancer Institutes – European Economic Interest Grouping”, so to keep with the ongoing European developments.
The OECI Central Office is located in Brussels; the Office of the President has its seat in Amsterdam while the Coordinating Secretariat and Liaison Office is located in Genoa, Italy.
The OECI is a network of 70 cancer institutes aiming to improve the quality of cancer care and translational research in Europe also from an organizational viewpoint.
Although physicians, nurses and researchers, constitute the core of cancer care and research, a smooth organization, efficient logistics and state of the art complex infrastructure are needed to accelerate the production and application of personalized cancer approaches. A coordination among cancer institutes at a European level can contribute to the production and dissemination of knowledge in order to reduce fragmentation, increase competitiveness with the ultimate goal to find new and better treatments, provide more comprehensive care and improve patients’ quality of life through an evidence-based medicine with a holistic approach.
The OECI dynamically works in crosscut expertise projects organized by involving the OECI Working Groups, Activities and Members. Currently, there are 6 main Working Groups and 2 Activities.