Alleanza Contro il Cancro
ACC is the Italian Association of Comprehensive Cancer Centres. Among its members the Italian major Comprehensive Cancer Centres, several biomedical centres for research and treatment, the Italian League Against Cancer (LILT), the Italian Association for Cancer Patients (AIMAC) and the Italian Sarcoma Group. It was created in 2002 under the patronage of the Ministry of Health, with the task of promoting an active collaboration among Italian Cancer Institutes through exchange of information, knowledge, data, scientific results and human resources. ACC has its registered office at the Ministry of Health. The Office of the Director General is located in Rome and a Focal Point for International Affairs is hosted by SOS in Europe, a private company supporting the participation of ACC and its Members to the building of the European Area for cancer research.
The final aim of ACC is therefore to better support and harmonise cancer research, by promoting the transfer of results into clinical practice and ensuring equal care to cancer patients across Italy thus reducing health migrations and inequalities. The members of ACC have a total number of 1879 bed places and 3780 scientists working on different topics related to cancer research. The President of ACC is Dr. Ruggero De Maria, the Scientific Director of the Regina Elena Cancer Institute. ACC is mostly financed by the membership fees of its Members and by incoming contributions related to its participation to EC projects.
The ACC network plays a key role in the following activities: strengthening qualified national cancer research, coping with challenges emerging from research fragmentation and increasing globalisation of science and technology, implementing a real sharing of knowledge, and an adequate flow of young and skilled scientists, integrating research infrastructures into a network, coordinating research programmes in line with the European strategy foreseen by the Europe 2020 and its innovation and research instrument, the Horizon 2020 Programme.