Health ClusterNET
Health ClusterNet is an independent non-profit health R&D organisation legally established in the United Kingdom.
Health is central to economic recovery, social cohesion and the goals of EU2020. But, policy choices and investment decisions for health systems in the new economic and financial climate (including use of European Structural and Investment Funds) have 2 challenges (i) to shift from hospital-centric care models to more patient focused service networks supporting active and healthy ageing (ii) to better align investment and spending decisions with sustainable regional development goals.
For both, it is the added value principle that will shape strategic and sustainable change for health systems. In this context, HCN works with partners and stakeholders on a needs-led basis to help close the gap between what we know and what we need to do in 3 ways: (i) knowledge development (ii) knowledge brokering (iii) technical support.