Why join the OECI?


The advantages of being and of becoming an OECI Member


General opportunities

  • Support for both the professional development of your Institute and the advancement of European cancer research and care, politically, economically and scientifically.
  • Representation and advocacy at the highest levels of European cancer policy discussion as a founding member of ECCO, the European Cancer Organisation.
  • Make contact with other Cancer Centres through the OECI Member Directory, meetings, job and research opportunities, partnership in research applications.
  • Possibility to send a nomination to be elected into the OECI Board (only for full Members)
  • Active participation in the activities of all the OECI Working Groups and activities:
    • Accreditation and Designation
    • Biobanks and Molecular Pathobiology
    • Cancer Economics and Benchmarking
    • START-OECI – STate of ART oncology in Europe
    • Cancer Outcomes Research
    • Supportive and Palliative Care
    • Collaboration for Good Practices with Patients
  • Propose a new Working Group.
  • Promote your Institute using the OECI logo on the local website, letterhead, publications and initiatives.

Accreditation and Designation

  • Access to the OECI Programme for the certification of your Centre/Institute as a Clinical Cancer Centre or a Comprehensive Cancer Centre (restricted to OECI Members).
  • Participation in the revisions of the A&D standards every five years.

EC Applications

  • Join as partner in EC research/training applications coordinated by OECI or by other promoters.

Congresses, training and education

  • No registration rates for the staff of OECI members interested in attending the OECI Annual event “Oncology Days” including participation in the Scientific Conference, the Pathology Day, the Gala Dinner and all the other scientific and social activities.
  • Annual, free registration for OECI members to one selected course of interest that is part of the ESO training programme.
  • Reduced fee to participate in the OECI-EACR Conference series on Molecular Pathology and Precision Medicine.
  • Possibility for your staff to apply for a free registration and for a maximum of 500 Euros travel support for OECI-EACR Conference series.
  • Reduced fee to participate in ecancer organised events.
  • Reduced fee to participate in the ECCO congress.
  • Promotion and dissemination through OECI webnews, and regular email bulletins, of local level organized international congresses and training courses.
  • 50% of reduction of UICC Membership fees for one year.

Publication and Dissemination

  • Inclusion of the main information and references of your Institute in the OECI webpages and in the Annual OECI Yearbook, widely disseminated in Europe.
  • Easy access to publish original papers in ecancer, the official OECI Journal.
  • The opportunity to film and document your centre’s work by ecancer.
  • Free subscription to receive printed copies of Cancerworld and Tumori Journal.
  • Publication of news related to your Institute on the biannual OECI Magazine.
  • Open forums and links on the OECI website.
  • Receiving regularly copies of OECI printed materials and Certificate of Membership.