The mandate

The Auditor:
  • Prepares the peer review visit according to the preliminary designation type
  • Prepares the peer review visit by analysing the self-assessment results and documents of a cancer institute
  • Attends the preparation meeting of the audit team one month in advance of the peer review visit
  • Attends the preparation meeting on the evening before the start of the peer review
  • Performs the peer review according to the agenda and designation checklist
  • Writes notes during interviews, presentations and tours
  • Scores the standards as a team during the peer review visit
  • Draws peer review findings as a team for the preliminary results presentation at the end of day two of the peer review: strengths and opportunities
  • Processes notes in e-tool in the first week after the visit and score the standards that are reviewed
  • Provides a list of strengths and opportunities chapter of the standard
  • Provides a description of the checklist items for confirmation of the designation type
  • Gives written response on the comments and feedback on the draft report of the cancer institute, and formulates the final strengths, opportunities and conclusions of the peer review