Cluj-Napoca 2014


OECI General Assembly
Cluj-Napoca, 2014

11-13 June 2014
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
The 2014 OECI Oncology Days and General Assembly will take place in Cluj Napoca, Romania, on June 12th – 14th, hosted by the Oncology Institute Ion Chiricuta

June 12th – The 2014 OECI Pathology Day
Chairperson – Giorgio Stanta

June 12th – Morning Session: “Basic Clinical Care”
Chairpersons: Dominique De Valeriola and Emmanuel Mitry

June 12th Afternoon Session: “Delivering Cancer Care in 2014”
Chairpersons: Wim H. van Harten and Francesco de Lorenzo

June 12th : OECI 2014 Gala Dinner

June 13th : OECI 2014 General Assembly
Chairpersons: Wim van Harten and Marco Pierotti