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Giorgio Stanta

It aims to promote new developments in histopathology, cytology and molecular testing applying new updated tumor classifications and prognostic criteria based upon modern technologies such as molecular testing. The WG focuses on education, training and on the optimal organization in Cancer Institutes involving young pathologists and molecular biologists, as well as on providing support for staff members in less developed areas, which need to up-to-date on these new approaches in cancer diagnosis including sample collection and storage. Regular annual meetings are organized with the support of the OECI Cancer Centers and in conjunction with other European Cancer Societies. The WG wants to contribute to an efficient infrastructure for the OECI multi-centre research platforms, providing request options for samples collected from cancer patients for translational and clinical research to be used for cooperative multicentres research adopting agreed rules for access and exchange.

KARL BECKER Oncology Days 2022

OLLI CARPEN Oncology Days 2022

SERENA BONIN Oncology Days 2022

GIORGIO STANTA Oncology Days 2022

Biobanking and Molecular Pathobiology May 2021

Open call to appoint a Chairperson
to the OECI Biobanks and Molecular Pathobiology WG


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